Dimensional travel is one of the main power gifts of a Shaman. Knowing how to navigate consciously between Earth and Spirit and all the realms that exist in between, a Shaman is able to call in the necessary alignment, purification, and healing that is needed.

This elevated state of awareness is not reserved for a blessed few, rather it is an ability that we can all develop, experience and Master.

This sacred skill that up until not so long ago was practiced by mystics and spiritual leaders of ancient cultures, has been mainly perceived by Modern culture as witchcraft or paranormal phenomena. Nowadays, it is starting to be recognized, not only by new age spirituality, but, much more interestingly, by the most cutting edge scientific research of our time.

Through his 30+ years of mind blowing scientific exploration, he discovered the underlying patterns of creation in our Universe, leading to a very simple and profound description of the fractal holographic structure of energy flow in the Universe. The insights from his model invite us

to tap into this net, consciously interact with the source-field, and, with intention and clarity, travel through torus shaped, fractally embedded, black hole singularities, or in other words, between the dimensions.

We have the blueprint – all we need is the starting point, the connection to our own unique singularity. Through the sacred space of “Cosmic Voice” I offer a sound and voice journey,

that will guide you inwards, to recall your unique vibratory expression, which is your gateway.

Your voice is the most advanced technological tuner to navigate you intuitively and instantly to your point of singularity of your multi-dimensional heart.

We each have a totally unique voice, and by tuning to its pure resonance, we unveil our Universal Code – that sparks up our uniqueness and unifies us with the whole.

Open your vocal expression and meet your inner resources that are waiting to be claimed, beyond the structured and the known

Realize your infinity – from within

and sing your heart’s true light.